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Create / Edit Site Users

Site Users are users who can login and view Secure Sites. Secure Sites are password protected sites that require username and password to access.



Creating Site Users


In Unity go, Admin > Site Users > New Site User:

Site Users - Menu     


Fill in the mandatory fileds marked with a red asterix.


Site Users - new user 


You can create your own naming conventioon for usernames and passwords.  

Now click on the tab called Groups. Tick the box to select which site the user will ahve access to. You can select one or multiple sites.



Site Users - groups

Click Save once complete.



Editing Site Users


In Unity go, Admin > Site Users > Site Users:


Site Users - Site Users


Here you will see a listing of existing site users:


Site Users - List


  • To find users click into the search box, type a name and hit enter on your keyboard to complete the search.

  • To delete a user click the blue trash can to the right.

  • To edit a user (change access level, username or password) click the Edit button.