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Creating New Pages

Unity6 utilises a Site Structure view to provide website administrators an overview of the public website's navigation to pages within the site. This tree structure shows all the pages in this site. Please note that the menu is a subset of the pages, eg: not all pages are visible in the menu.

Having the non-menu pages within the structure makes it possible to group similar pages together for easy management.

If you choose to have your Page shown in the menu, it's position in the Site Structure will reflect where it will be in the public menu.


Adding a New Page

To add a new page navigate to Pages > (hover over your selected Site Area) then click Site Structure

Determine the appropriate area within the site structure to add your new page, and click Add Item then select New Page

In the example shown below a new Page will be created at the third level in the menu.

Add Item -New Page

A New Page form will open asking you to enter the Details of the page. Proceed to Page Details below.


Page Details

Details tab

  • Title: Enter the title of the web page in this field. This title will be visible on the web page so it is important that it is named appropriately.
  • Menu Item Name: This will be displayed in the site structure and the menu of your live site (if you choose in the next step).
  • Visible in Menu: Determines if the page link will be visible in your sites menu
  • Friendly Url: Enter a short word for the page. It must start with a letter and can only contain letters and numbers
  • Category: Select a category from the drop down list. Alternatively you can create a new category by typing into the box (with the required permissions). It is good practice to assign your page to a category to make it easier for you to search for pages in your Unity console.
  • Search Priority: Here you can choose the priority of how high up you page will be in the search results. Or you can choose to not have your page display in the search results.
  • Display Template: Select which temple you want used for your page.

Owner / Dates tab

  • Owner: Select the owner of the page who will be making the changes and updates.
  • Active/Expiry Details: Only select an "Active Date" if you want the page to be available on the website on a date in the future; if you want the page to be available immediately, leave this field blank.

    Similarly only set an "Expiry Date" if the page is temporary and you would like it to come off your website on a particular date in the future.

    Please Note: be aware that at the time the page ‘expires’ off the website, any links to that page (menu heading link or link from another page) will be broken – ensure these links are also removed at that time.
  • Date to Update: If your page will require updating in the future, set a date and you will receive an automated email reminding you to do so.
  • Update Frequency: If you would like a reoccurring reminder, enter the number of days between reminder emails.

When you are done click the Save button, and the "Page Content" window will display, ready for you to add Items to the page.


Page Content

There are a variety of Page Items that can be added to a page.

Proceed to Adding items to a Page
Or see the Items List for guides on specific Items