My Local Services

The My Local Services App is kept up to date using the Unity6 Content Management System (CMS). Parks, Events and Elected Member information comes from your Unity console and displays on the App and on your Unity6 website saving you from double handing data.

Click on the headings below to access guides and information about specific areas of the App.



Deliver key messages to the citizen using the Home screen of the My Local Services App. Spotlights can link to web pages on the Council website to further inform the citizen of road closures, payments due, upcoming events etc.

See the Guide

My Council

Provide your Council's key contact information, including phone numbers, email address, website address and online payments link. Also display Elected Member details and photos.

See the guide for Council key information (Coming Soon).

See the guide for Elected Member details

Near Me

Display nearby council facilities on a map to residents, based on their current gps location.

See the gude for  parks

See the guide for libraries

See the guide for events

See the guide for Points of Interest


Lists Council events that are coming up and are relative to your location.

See the guide

Report It

Gives residents the ability to report issues which require Council attention such as pavement failures etc.


A handy reference for which bin to put out and when. This feature also provides "push notifications" as a reminder.

We will assist your Council to import your waste collection boundaries into the App. If there are changes to your collection schedule please contact the LGA ESP team.


The settings area of the App allow the user to change their home address, and subscribe to the different categories of Push Notifications.